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Need And Means Of Maintaining Blocked As Well As Unblocked Games For Kids

The number of uses for which internet is being used today is huge. We are today so dependent on computers for the completion of almost every act of our lives. Whether it is about business, personal life or for entertainment reasons, internet plays a very important role in every aspect of our life. People are not afraid of the internet whenever it is being used for some official or personal reasons like, research or shopping. But, when it comes to entertainment, it becomes important to ensure that the stuff that your kids and loved ones are using over the internet is not harmful. The most commonly used sources of entertainment present on the internet is online games. Not all games present over the internet are good. Therefore, it becomes necessary to differentiate between the good and the bad ones, and block the bad games while allowing free access to the unblocked games.

Blocked Games

The number and variety of games available over the internet are huge. However, not all games available over the internet are suitable for all age groups. There are certain games which have contents which encourage violence while another game may expose the kids to information which they should not be privy to at their age. Similarly, there can be a variety of reasons which can make a particular game unsuitable for the kids. Besides, the kids should be allowed to play only those games which are specially designed for their age bracket and which are intended to increase their brain development. In order to ensure that kids do not get exposed to the wrong games, it becomes necessary to get access to those games blocked on the home and school computer systems. The kids can be given unlimited access to unblocked games which are meant exclusively for them only.

Lack Of Blocking Facilities At Schools

Kids generally have access to these online games, either at home or in school where a computer system is provided to them along with an internet connection. Of course they do have the option of going to an internet café and playing games there without any restrictions, but these cafes generally charge large rental charges which are difficult for small kids to afford on a regular basis. Parents generally are quite strict about the content that their kids are accessing over the internet and hence playing blocked games at home also becomes difficult for the kids. But, many a times the schools do not have enough security in their system and the kids are as a result able to gain access to all the online games including both blocked as well as unblocked games. Besides, schools cater to thousands of students at one time and some of these kids are quite good with computers and can easily break through weak firewalls installed by the school authorities. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the strongest possible firewalls and system security softwares are installed by the school management to ensure that no unwanted programs get run on the system.

Get Proxies Installed

To tackle the problem of kids using school computers for playing games which are not suitable for their age, installation of proxies is a very good and safe option for the school authorities. These proxies ensure that the access of the kids to various unauthorized sites gets limited, thus reducing the chances of these kids playing games which are not good for them. Through proxies, the kids are completely shut off from playing games which are just not meant for them. Once these proxies have been installed, to gain access to any game or play a certain game, the user will have to enter a password. These passwords are kept secret with the school management only and hence whenever any kid from the school wants to play an online game, he or she will have to request the management to issue him or her the password. At such time, the management can check the nature of the game being accessed and issue the password only if they feel that the game is suitable for the kid.

The need for security is immense in today’s times. If not careful, the chances of your kid going haywire become very high. The list of blocked games should always be longer than the list of unblocked games.
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